Citation Wizard


Citation Wizard is a custom database that links with Paper Wizard and stores raw research notes and citations.

Citation Wizard will store Virtual Note Cards providing the user a quick way to copy and paste raw information into the database without a lot of data entry. In addition, the user can store a website link (URL) to retrieve or access the data later. Some users store the address of the site where they snatched-a-citation.

Citation Wizard stores citations for  papers, either those entered manually or those snatched from the Internet or other sources. Unlike other competing products, it is fully editable and viewable. Extensive built-in help is available with step by step instructions for entering data. In addition, the database includes many sample entries from the selected style guide that you should possess, the APA Publication Manual Sixth Edition published by the American Psychological Association. Sample papers show how they are rendered in the reference list.

The user can create and insert the citations selected for any given paper into the reference list at the click of a button.

Word 2003 and earlier menu:

APA Citation Menu

Word 2007 and later:

APA Citations

You can also search for a citation by index number, a partial contributor name, title, or key word.

Easy Search for your research data:

APA Search

Easy data entry

APA Peridocal

Step by Step Help

APA Help

Exclusive Snatch-A-Citation


APA Snatch a citation


Your reference list is automatically updated when you insert your in text citation.


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